Upside down tomatoes are taking over patios by storm!

You too can join the revolution and turn your tomato plant upside down! The perfect upside down patio tomato is a bush style cherry tomato plant that will produce well in any large container.

At this year’s Spring Symposium, Gwen Lutz gave detailed directions on an easy and fast tomato planter that you can hang on your patio.  The planter is especially nice as it reuses an old hanging basket—like the one in the back of your garage with the dead petunias in it~ To make Gwen’s planter simply remove the plastic insert if your basket had one, and snip the drainage hole in the bottom of the basket with nippers or shears.  Fold 2 coffee filters in half and lay them in the bottom of the basket, overlapping slightly on the folded seam to make a circle again.  Gwen suggested placing the basket in a 5 gallon bucket so that you can now put your tomato head first through the hole (rearranging the coffee filters to open then close around the stem) and the plant won’t get crushed. Finally, fill the basket with potting soil.  Gwen added lettuce seed on top so that she had a salad in a basket!

 Read the directions here for another homemade tomato planter.

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