Wild Wonders: Goldenrod

You know the seasons are changing as Salidago makes it’s appearance in meadows across North America. The bright yellow flowers have been making nice additions to our CSA subscription bouquets lately, though we only chose the closed buds to keep the pollen count low on our subscribers’ kitchen counters.

In addition to adorning a home, the leaves and flowering tops can be used for healing! The genus name derives from the Latin solidare ‘to make whole’. S. vigaurea, as well as many other species of Goldenrod, reduces inflammation, stimulates the liver and kidneys, promotes healing and has anti-fungal effect. Drink the tea made of the above-ground parts (or take as an extract or as dried powder in capsules) for urinary infections, bladder and kidney stones, chronic mucous (especially nasal), skin diseases, the flu, and Candida infections. Make a strong tea and wash the skin with it, to treat wounds, insect bites and ulcers. Gargle for sore throat.

An added bonus, besides its cheery flowers: in the garden Goldenrod Flowers attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings.

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