Spring Peep Adventures

chicksA few nice days of warm weather and peeping chicks have everyone in the Adventures Program feeling like spring is inevitable. Throughout January Miss Carey’s Animal Program classes incubated  fertilized eggs donated by Mr. Adam Harden. Five of the peeps hatched on January 27th and 28th, arriving in an array of colored feathers.  Mr. Adam’s rooster is a Brama (which have feathered legs) and his hens are a mix of Araucanas (which have no tail feathers), Gold Buff Orpingtons (which are exceedingly friendly), and Plymouth Rocks (which are a nice hearty egg-laying breed).  With this variety it’s hard to tell what chick breed combinations hatched, as their feathers will change quite a bit as they grow. Just to be sure we have enough hens, Carey also picked up a few extra Americauna chicks  from Rural King Farm store in the Butler Valley mall.  This breed comes in a variety of colors, but their feet are always dark blue/black and they lay green/blue eggs.  These three girls bring the new flock total to eight.  The kids are loving the “Growth and Change” discussion as they hold the chicks gently and compare the chick’s development to ways that they have grown and changed personally.  Miss Carey says that she is most impressed with the student’s listening skills and creativity in suggesting names. We may be hatching another batch of chicks before spring is officially here, but in the meantime, we can at least pretend it has arrived when we close our eyes and listen to eight fluff balls chirping.  


About the Author

Julie Wahlenmayer, Director of Adventures

Julie has been with Glade Run since 1996, shortly after graduating from Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies. Her experiences in animal and horticultural assisted therapies at Glade Run lead Julie to complete her Master’s Degree in Counseling at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Julie’s desire to connect individuals with the natural world around them, combined with her equestrian training and love of gardening, helped to shape our Adventures Program into the exemplary program that it is today. Julie’s vision for Glade Run Adventures is for it to become a model for social, emotional and physical growth and learning.


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