Name Our Baby Calf!


Have you ever wanted to officially name a cow?  No? Well, picture this: you are out with friends who are sharing photos on their phones of basically boring stuff.  You proudly whip out your phone to show photos of you bottle feeding the miniature baby calf that you won the right to name – the miniature calf that is a part of an amazing therapeutic animal program – the miniature calf that weighs less than 20 lbs. and is part of saving a rare breed of heritage animals – and BAM – you have just trumped the cutsie toddler covered in Easter chocolate! Now, do you want to name the cow?

Win naming rights if you guess closest to the date & time  of delivery!  You also win a family visit & photo session and get to bottle feed the baby!

$5 / GUESS

All proceeds go towards veterinary and animal care in Glade Run Adventures. Entries will be taken up until the date of delivery (but get yours in soon to claim your slot)! The winner will be announced on the Commons and on the Adventures Blog (at

Download this entry form: Bobbi’s Baby. For more information contact Julie at 452-4453 x. 1236 or

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