The Babe has a Name!

snowdrop 3Meet Snowdrop, Bobbi Sox’s calf, who was born on May 15th and named by long time volunteer Sue Mallen. Sue won the right to name the babe in the Baby Naming contest and boy oh boy, did she ponder the name seriously. Here is what Sue shared with us; “Ever thought about something so much that you stifle yourself? (I’ve puzzled so long my Puzzler is sore-Dr Suess) She’s not mine and I wanted the perfect name. Two syllables, so it won’t be shortened was a rule. I’ve hung out with the little one.  She didn’t give me any inspiration other than she will have some white legs and a white belly.  Mostly she will look like her Mom.I’ve looked through the dictionary, and learned a bunch of new words, but they were no help. Looked at labels, boxes, advertisements for words, Nada……Talked to Mom. Her cows were Peggy and Bossy the milkers, and 10 Beefers of which she was surprised she couldn’t remember all their names-Princey the bull, Big girl, Scar face, White legs, and Wrinkle face, her favorite cow. That helped in a way- don’t try so hard for the perfect name.Soooo, back to the original. If she doesn’t live up to it too bad. 
SNOWDROP ❄💧-color(though I think that is fading already), it snowed the day Bobbie Sox “dropped her”, it’s an early white flower,   and only two syllables, so it hopefully wouldn’t  be shortened and it’s easy for the kids to remember. Nothing exotic.

Funny, I’m not following my signature line quote on this very well….
Susan Mallen
Be decisive. The world is full of flat squirrels that couldn’t make a decision.

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