The Seeds of Change

Appropriately focused on the new year, January’s Sanctuary theme of the month is Growth and Change.  It also happens to (equally appropriately) be a favorite theme for the Horticultural Therapy Program. While it may appear that the most growth and change occurs in the garden during the hot summer months, the real start to change begins with the natural cycle of winter rest. This is the time for reflection and planning; the true seeds of change.  Here, in our darkest days, we envision where we most desire for things to be different and the seed of change is set.

Of course, every seed needs tending to reach its potential, and the task may feel daunting if viewed as a chore.  The garden provides help here as well through bringing us back to the moment.  Instead of viewing the watering, weeding, transplanting and fertilizing as an overwhelming commitment, we recall that none of these things can happen all at once anyway and instead bring our focus to what the day brings.  Maybe it’s a sprinkle of water, maybe it’s a healthy dose of compost tea, or maybe it’s just a check in to ensure that no bugs are poisoning the growth.  Whatever the day brings, growth and change is naturally incorporated in caring for that seed, which by mid summer is the true fruit of the labor that started as a thought in January.

To start your new year of growth and change, the horticultural therapy program will ask these two questions: where do you desire for things to be different and how will you tend this seed? We hope that your summer fruits are the sweetest ever!

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