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To learn more or arrange a tour, please contact Glade Run’s Director of Adventures, Julie Wahlenmayer, at (724) 452.4453, ext.1236. She is happy to provide more detail, based on the specific needs of your child.

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American Miniature Horse
Specs: Born in 2003, 8 hands high
Facts: Beauty is part of our Farmer’s Market sales team. You will often see her on nice Summer days pulling around a cart full of home grown fruits and veggies on campus as well as to Passavant Retirement Community!


Miniature Donkey
Specs: Born in 1995
Facts: Taco is one of our most versatile residents! Not only does he travel into the classrooms at St. Stephens but he also goes up elevators to visit the residents at Passavant Retirement Community.

Bobbie Sox

Zebu/Western Heritage Mini
Specs:  Born in 2011
Facts: Our first miniature cow, Bobbysox is a delight to be around and loves to sniff visitors’ faces!


Zebu/Western Heritage Mini
Specs: Born in 2016
Facts: As you may have guessed, Snowdrop is the daughter of Bobbie Sox! Born in May of 2016, everyone at Glade Run patiently awaited her arrival.


Percheron Draft Horse
Specs: Born in 1994
Facts: Pumpkin loves to be the center of attention (just try and keep her out of the center of the riding arena). She also pulls Santa’s carriage every year at Christmas. We’d share her weight and height, but she ate her card!


Tenessee Walking Horse
Specs: Born in 1974!
Facts: Memphis is our oldest horse. He’s forgotten more about being a horse than these other whippersnappers will ever know! How old is he? He leaves the weather channel on TV with the volume up loud because he enjoys the music.


Tennessee Walker and Quarter
Specs: Born in 2004
Facts: While Mickey is a quiet horse, he is quite the sportsman. In addition to championship skiing and badminton, he also blocked for Whizzer White during his playing stint in Pittsburgh.


Belgian Draft Horse and Haflinger
Specs: Born in 2002
Facts: Rosie loves giving children rides. She spends the rest of her days rollerskating and jumping rope. But not at the same time, that would be crazy!


Appendix Quarter Horse
Specs: Born in 1991
Facts: When not spending time in the pastures at Glade Run, Hershey writes fiction dictated through a complex series of snorts, neighs, and stomps. His memoir, Horses Love Apples, is due out in 2017.


Grade Pony

Specs: Born in 1994

Facts: Ashley is a very social butterfly with both people and other horses! Falling on ice in her younger years caused her to permanently lose muscle tone in her shoulder. Because of this she is a great horse for children and adults with physical disabilities to relate to.


American Quarter Horse
Specs: Born in 2008
Facts: Veronica is one of our newest residents. She absolutely loves people and is a great addition to our therapeutic riding program.



Specs: Born in 2012

Facts: Brownie is a wonderful tool to teach beginner to advanced riders. Riding a horse moves the same muscles in your body that walking does. When mounted you need to use your muscles to get Brownie to move. Equicizers were originally designed to rehabilitate injured jockeys.

The Cats

Harley, Salem and Rosie are our resident barn cats. Harley and Rosie can usually be found in the barn while Salem likes to hang out in the greenhouse!


Marty is our 4 year old Flemish Giant Rabbit. From helping with St. Stephens classes to providing animal therapy at Passavant, Marty is one of a kind!

Leicester Longwool Sheep

Ernie, Woody and Arlow are our Leicester Longwool Sheep. A threatened breed on the Livestock Conservancy List, our boys provide beautiful wool that we use for crafts during summer camp and sell.


Our batch of 8 heritage breed chickens provide eggs in a multitude of colors. Though it we never would have guessed it, when asking most of our participants what animal is their favorite, the chickens come out on top!