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Glade Run Adventures offers unique learning opportunities through the use of plants and animals. Life skills are developed through social exercises, hand-on learning, environmental education, and through expressive culinary arts. Seasonal programs include individual riding lessons, birthday parties, school field trips, after school camps, summer camps and vocational training.

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Julie Wahlenmayer
Director of Adventures
(724) 452-4453, ext. 1236

The Ride of 2016

The start of a new year generally brings with it a reflection upon the year gone by. Naturally, for an equestrian therapy program, our thoughts turn to ‘the ride’ that the year has been.  Given the challenges...

Brighter Days are Coming!

Today is the day AFTER the winter solstice, which means that things are only going to get better, starting now. Horticultural Therapy is a year round practice.  Just because the amount of sunlight has been shrinking and...

Happy Holidays From Glade Run Adventures!

Happy Holidays from Glade Run Adventures… Twelve Eggs Per Carton, Eleven (million) Groundhogs, Ten Poinsettias Sparkling, Nine Grants a Pending, Eight Hens a Laying, Seven Horses Prancing, Six Fundraisers Planning, Five Friendly Ruminants, Four Venus Fly Traps, Three Cats a...

Inhale Some Stress Reduction

Sadness, anxiety, frustration, and downright anger; if you have been feeling any of these emotions lately rest assured you aren’t alone.  A little lavender could help. For its entire existence, Glade Run has helped others...